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This is week 3 of the program. Skipping weeks is highly discouraged. Many children already know the concepts covered in week 3 However, it is critical that they experience this activity, so that the concepts become more firmly rooted in their brains.

Week 3: Transfer 4-1


Repetition Is Key
Each time your student or child repeats this activity, the pathways in the brain that form understanding for these concepts, become larger and stronger. Your child may already know how to count backwards from 4-1, but that is not the only goal. Skipping weeks will decrease your child’s opportunity for this important repetition.

Week 3:
Time: 20 minutes each day for five days.
Instruction: Place students in front of the game at the top of this screen. Have students watch and count out loud with the computer.

Purpose: Students will begin to associate the number concepts gained in earlier weeks with inanimante shapes. Students will learn how numbers are used to count things in the world around us.

Additional Information:
Why are shapes different each time? It is important that children understand that counting is independent of the shape. They need to understand that it is possible to count apples and oranges at the same time. Adults should help children realize that shapes are different.