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Welcome to Multiplication Foundations!! This research based program was developed to help your student or child understand multiplication concepts. This program is developmentally appropriate for children ages 6 and older.

Week 8: Transfer Patterns 1-7


Skipping weeks is highly discouraged. Many children already know the concepts covered in this week’s lesson. However, it is critical that they experience these activities, so that the concepts become more firmly rooted in their brains.

Repetition Is Key
Each time your student or child repeats this activity, the pathways in the brain that form understanding for these concepts, become larger and stronger. Your child may already know how to count, but this is not the only goal. Skipping weeks will decrease your child’s opportunity for this important repetition.

Week 8:
Time: 20 minutes each day for five days.
Instructions: Explain to the student that they are going to play a game with number patterns. Have students count out loud with the number pattern on screen, and follow the directions on screen.

Purpose: This activity builds comprehension of number patterns, helps students problem solve with number patterns, and also strengthens their memory for number patterns.

Transferring Concepts:
It is crucial that these number patterns become a rote skill set for each student. Help students develop this skill set by encouraging them to practice these patterns outside of the 20 minute practice session, such as when they are in the car, or walking home from school.

Suggested Follow-Up:
Students should not be allowed to forget the concepts learned. Children should be encouraged to continually practice by using the math flash cards provided on this website.