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Apple Baskets Division


Division concepts are not as difficult to understand as you might think. You just need to look at it in a way that makes sense. Our Apple Baskets Division Game was designed to help your students visualize the division process.

At the same time, students are presented with division vocabulary, and symbols, helping to cement these concepts more firmly into their basic math toolbox.

Students should be encouraged to read each story problem out loud, or quietly to themselves. This forces them to become familiar with the vocabulary of dividing numbers. They should read the entire problem, including the bottom where numbers and symbols are used instead of words. Thus if the problem said ‘division for kids‘ the student should say ‘forty divided by five equals’ out loud or to themselves.

As students begin this activity they will depend heavily on the apple baskets. However, over time, as the concepts begin to sink in, students should begin solving problems more mentally, until eventually the apple baskets are no longer required. At this point, it is a good idea to move students to another more advanced game on this website.