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Free Math Skills Program

Math Foundations is designed around a fundamental principal. Before you can teach a child, you have to teach them how to learn. In other words, a student who is not prepared mentally for the challenges of mathematics will struggle, regardless of how many hours you invest in teaching them math. The solution is not to spend more time teaching the subject, but rather to step back, and address the real problem, that is to build within them the mental pathways they need to learn math. Once they acquire these basic foundational skills, then the process of teaching them the subject matter will move much more quickly, because they will be ready to learn.

We call these the foundational skills required for math. Like building a home, or school, if you do not have a solid foundation, you cannot build the building. Our Math Foundation programs are designed to build that foundation in your students.

Beginning with the most basic brain skills, we work step by step, day by day, week by week with your student to build the aptitudes that our research has determined are necessary for success with a particular type of math. As students acquire these skills, their ability to comprehend what you are teaching them in the classroom increases. They are now ready to learn.

Our program teaches them how to learn, and you teach them what to learn. It is a partnership that leads to success.

The KidsKnowIt Network exists for one reason. To bring quality educational opportunities to children everywhere. We do not charge for anything, because many of our target audience could not afford the services we provide. We produce the highest quality in educational materials, and we make them all available 100% free of charge. Click one of our logos on this page to view our other free educational materials.